Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

I need to say another goodbye. This one to a very good old friend of old horse trailer.

I had this trailer for almost 6 years. It treated me pretty good, always got me where I needed to go and put up with a lot of crap. heh crap...get it?

Anyways, it was the first trailer I ever hauled, my first experience hauling a horse, my first big adult purchase. I have so many great memories with this trailer and before I said good bye to it I had to document all of it's...ummm..."character". Each bump and bruise, dent and scratch, a different memory.

Like this one...

A nice big ol' dent right on the nose. It happened the first time I tried to park it in my soft dirt, 90 degrees off of a narrow driveway parking spot after I got my trailer brakes hooked up. I wasn't used to having trailer brakes and didn't realize that they would lock up very easily on the soft dirt. I jack knifed it. Oops! The boyfriend had installed the brake box for me, so it's kind of a sweet memory. The first truck improvement of our relationship.

Then there are these chew marks...

The first time I pulled in to the boyfriend's mom's pasture to turn my trailer around after one of our first rides together and one of her other horses decided to visit the horses in the trailer and chewed on it. Kinda pissed me off at the time, it was one of the first scratches in my trailer, but I laugh about it now. Just adds character.

Then there was the front wall...

Oh, that darn front wall. As you can tell, many a horse fought with that wall. No clue what the issue was but my Midori was the only horse that EVER hauled quietly against that wall. I had a few horses come out bruised and bloody from fighting with that wall. It was annoying.

And this divider...

Oh the divider! Had a few horses get stuck in the front stall when the middle horse leaned on this divider and it got stuck closed. That was always fun. And then there was my friend's horse who decided to get stuck up on it. That's right...Up. On. It. That was really good times.

Then there was the branch that fell on it during a wind storm and took out all of these lights...

And the fender that Sugar loved to chew on any time we left her tied for any length of time...

And Sugar's tie spot that she would immediately chew on when she was unloaded...

And the kick marks from my nice little mare any time a horse was loaded in behind her. Made it an interesting game since she was the only one that would haul quietly up front.

And the little tack room that held an amazing amount of crap in a reasonably organized fashion...

Though it may not sound like it, it really was a good little trailer for me for a long, long time. So many good memories with it...trail rides, a trip to the ocean, drill practices and meets, good times with friends and many, many opportunities that I wouldn't have had without it. It was a great little trailer!

But something tells me I'm not going to miss it too much...

Oh ya! Hello, new Logan!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh my goodness, it's been entirely too long since I blogged last! So many blog-worthy things have happened in the last month and a half, but I just have not had the time or the motivation to blog about any of them. Very sad! I'll get caught up on all of it one of these days. I hope!

One of the more note worthy things that has happened was this impulse buy...

We have talked about getting another dog off and on for a while, but never really pursued it. Then one day we were just finishing up a bunch of errands and on our way home we just happened to pass a "Puppies for sale" sign. The boyfriend saw it, said the puppies looked pretty cute and suggested we go look. I kept right on driving. For a little bit. I did eventually turn around. After all, what does just looking hurt? lol

Obviously, the "just looking" didn't work out so well. And we came home with this little guy...

Born January 1st

Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) mix

Absolutely freaking adorable

We have finally decided on the name Cletus for him. His full name is Cletus D. Pooper, but don't tell the boyfriend that. He hates that I all him Pooper. And the D stands for Dude, my other nickname for him.

The parents weren't onsite, but we were told that both mom and dad were small-ish for their breeds. We figured he'd probably be about Cheyanne's height, but probably a little bulkier. But do you see the size of his legs and paws? I'm having my doubts on that!

I finally got inspired to get my camera out today and got all of these pics of him. He was quite the sport, posing pretty for the camera! :-)

I just love his eyes. When we got him they were this really cool almost purpleish gray. Now they are a really rich chocolate brown.

And he has the cutest little bum!

And I wish so, so much that the darn wheel barrow wasn't in the background of this shot! I love him peeking out from behind the tree, but that blue kinda ruins it. Bummer!

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring!