Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, here I am. I finally did it. I have created a blog. Yikes! I've been completely addicted to reading various blogs over the past few months and kept thinking I should start one up myself. But what would I write about? Certainly nothing that anyone would really be interested in reading. Still pretty darn sure no one is going to be looking at it on any sort of regular basis, but that's just fine by me. It might be nice to be able to vent my frustrations, brag about my furry four legged kids, tell the tales of my adventures in horse showing and home owning and just get things down on "paper" so I can mull them over some more. And if it ends up being entertaining for someone else, then I guess I get some bonus points!

So a little bit about me...I've recently purchased my first home with my boyfriend. We found an amazing house that had 4.3 wooded acres, way, WAY out in the boonies, but it means we get to keep our horses with us and it was liveable at the time of the sale, which was huge compared to the other sh**holes we had been looking at. Soon after we moved in we ended up buying a puppy, who is the cutest darn thing ever. We have 3 horses, my 6 yo QH mare, Midori, a 4 yo QH gelding Mister and a 3 yo QH mare Sugar. We both enjoy riding and have just begun showing together. I have been on a drill team for a few years now, but this summer we decided to give cutting a try and went to a couple very small weekend cutting shows. It was a lot of fun and I think we're both hooked. This winter we plan to give reining a shot. Of course this is all in the green/beginner, "we don't really know what the heck we're doing, but we want to pretend" classes. It's still fun. Especially when you can actually be a little competitive in them!

We love all of our critters and having a home that we can enjoy them at. Lately it has been hitting home that I'm really an adult now. I have a mortgage, I have animals that I'm responsible for, I work full time and have a house to take care of and fix up. I'm generally always broke because I'm both a home owner and own and show horses. Don't get me wrong, I do love my life and I wouldn't want it any other way (well, except for the money part, I could always use some more money!) but I miss the good ol' days when I could just take off and ride all day or curl up in bed and read a good book all weekend and didn't have to worry about feeding everybody or doing the dishes or laundry or heading to work so I still have a vehicle to drive and a house to live in next month.

Oh well, I guess growing up is inevitable. Must be my quarter life crisis or something. So sit back, relax, grab a nice big margarita and enjoy reading my blog.

ps - I highly recomment the 'rita...might make my ramblings more bearable!

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jrosey said...

Still feeling like that 'rita?! ;) Love your blog! Very impressed and inspired by you!