Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love macro!

I love the macro setting on my camera! I can (and do) spend HOURS playing with it. Today, I was on a mad cleaning spree, trying to get my house in something resembling order for Thanksgiving when I noticed that my Christmas Cactus was blooming.

Yay! Break time! Cuz I was working SO hard that I deserved a break. ;o)

Then I noticed that one of my African Violets was blooming also. I really didn't need to mop and wash windows, right?

Now, I know that my camera isn't anything special at all and anyone that knows even a little about pictures I'm sure wouldn't be impressed with these at all. But I don't know jack and I really like them.

My camera is just a little Nikon Coolpix S1. It fits in my backpocket. I think these pictures are impressive for the camera. Even if they aren't, I have fun taking them.

Since it's an auto focus, I end up taking a TON of pictures, trying to get it to focus on just the right spot. Some day I'll get a super cool camera that I can really play with, but for now, I'm having fun with this one.

These are some older macro shots that I've taken in the past few months.

Above is a Hydrangea that I got as a house warming gift. Below is an orchid that my mom has. I think it looks like an alien or something with a big head dress.

My mom's Christmas Cactus that was blooming a few weeks ago.

This was a carnation that my mom had. I had fun that day! She has all sorts of flowers and things to take pictures of! My whole family laughed at me as I crawled around and took probably well over a hundred pictures.

Who needs conversation when you've got a camera, the macro setting and lots and lots of flowers?


Amers425 said...

Do a couple of these look similar to the New Moon cover?? Or am I just hopelessly obsessed? I think we both know the answer to that one. :-) I love these pictures! BEAUTIFUL! Who does need conversation when you get imersed in photography?? Not you & I apparently!

Sarah said...

Those are SO pretty! Looks like you had fun! :-)

Patches said...

Thanks ladies! And now that you mention it Amers, yes, they do slightly resemble the New Moon cover. Haha Maybe that's why I like them so much! ;)