Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another burning question...Shoes!

Since I've actually been sticking to a routine of cardio and strength training workouts for a couple weeks now, and have every intention of continuing that routine, I have decided that I desperately need new shoes. The shoes I have now are probably a good 8 or 10 years old. Not that they've been used much on those years, but they have seen better days and my feet are sore after running in them. They don't provide much support for my fairly high arch and the last time I ran I felt the beginnings of blisters on my big toes. Not so much fun!

Plus, I'm always looking for excuses to buy new shoes. :-)

The thing is...I have absolutely no clue where to start. I want something comfy and am willing to spend some dough for a real quality shoe. But what shoes are quality? My current shoes are Asics, which did treat me pretty good for a while. I know Nikes and Adidas can get expensive, but are they still quality? Is there some other brand that you love and would highly recommend? A certain style or feature I should look for? Something you hate and think I should avoid like the plague?

While I am mostly concerned with the comfort and functionality of the shoe, I can't hate the color or style either. Since I'm pretty darn picky I have a hard time finding the right style/color/comfort/durability/functionality combo.

I got some pretty good input on the last "burning question" about mascara, so I thought I'd pick your brains some more and see what we come up with.


odessa said...

I say get yourself some custom made orthodic inserts for your shoes, you could run in high heels and still feel great! Well...okay, maybe not high heels, but they do work wonders especially for us with high arches.

Sydney said...

new balance for sure. Certain shoes are rated for certain distances. Look for shoes if your gonna be running distances that can handle it. I know my good pair of shoes are only rated for 5km runs at a time. Not that I run much.

kate said...

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Mom said...

Im probably not a good one to ask.... I go for a thick sole for cushion, looks, color comes next. I agree, have to have a good arch. If it doesn't you can always add Dr. Scholls. They have tons of additions, but it also can lift your foot up & out of the shoe? Good luck doll! Love ya, Mom

Amers425 said...

I would have to say that if you want a good running shoe with out having to pay $150 for them I would go with New Balance. You can find them on sale at a lot more places than those Mizuno shoes too. Maybe Puma's. Check out a Nordstrom rack. They usually have the Nike's, Puma's, and New Balance shoes at a good price. :-) Hope it helps!

Koontz said...

Hit up sports authority, and look for a running shoe made for a high arch. Most running shoes are made for one of three foot types- high arch, regular arch, or low/no arch. Then try them on, see how they feel. Mkae sure you wear the socks you'll run in when you try them on. Socks can be a big difference. If theres an optimum distance rating, check it. Some have them, some don't. Mine tend to bounce around the brands, so I have no real favorite. Adidas were always great soccer shoes, and I tend to buy them when I can. I was always told if you put a few miles on your shoes a week, you should get new ones every 6-10 months, depending on how much you run. I get new ones whenever they start to feel uncomfortable. Never hurts to ask the sales peeps too

jrosey said...

Yo - you've been tagged by Caspian!

sanjeet said...

new balance for sure. Certain shoes are rated for certain distances
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