Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kitten Tales

I am having so much fun with my new kitties! They are the cutest little things EVER! Possibly cuter then Cheyanne when she was a puppy. I dunno though, Chey was a darn cute puppy. I think the fact that I don't have to potty train the kitties gives them the win though. ;)

I am enjoying getting to know them and figure out their personalities and similarities and differences. They are the friendliest little kittens, run up to the door with their tails straight up when I go in to visit and won't go play in the house when I let them out until I give them each some loves.
This is from their first night at the house when Cheyanne smelled them under the door and was growling.
Immediately they puffed up and started spitting. Freakin' hilarious! Smart kitties though! Cheyanne wanted to have them for lunch! We have to be super duper careful with them and not let Chey in while they are out, or even go out the door if they are out. Chey caught sight of one the other day while the boyfriend was sneaking out and she lunged at the door. Luckily, the boyfriend saw it coming and was able to catch her and get the door closed. It's going to be a long process getting them introduced, but I think more then anything it's just going to take the kittens getting bigger and growing claws to earn her respect. Right now, Chey digs up and kills moles in the yard that are bigger then these two!
And of course any suggestions on introducing an apparently aggressive Aussie dog to new kittens are greatly appreciated! Right now Chey gets to smell them under the door and just in the last week or so it has turned into more of a game with them then the original "I want to eat you" thing it was. The kittens meow at her under the door and she pounces and backs off, they stick their heads under the door again, etc. etc. Before she was rather aggressive, but now she is happy while she's doing it. She smells every where they've gone when she comes in the house too, so she is getting used to their scent that way as well. We did have a face to face meeting with me holding kittens or letting them play near her while the boyfriend held Chey in a death grip, but she was still very aggressive and lunged at one, mouth open, as soon as I held it close enough for her to smell. I think we're going to wait a little while to do that again.
Anyways, they are very cute! And they play, play, play, play, play! Oh my goodness! It doesn't seem like they play a little and sleep a lot like the puppy did. And anything is interesting. Anything!
Here, a pebble is the coolest new toy on the block.

They also spend a good chunk of their time out playing in the shoes.

Their favorite jungle gym was the shelf of pop and water. Here they are playing thru the clear plastic of the water case. They would also go in the pop boxes and attack the other one thru the carrying handle hole.

They do a lot of running around the house chasing eachother! They are loud! I expected cats to be light on their feet, graceful, know, like cats! But these two sound like a herd of elephants running around!

Unfortunately, it didn't take them long to discover the couches. They loooove to climb them. *shudders* This was my big fear, that they would trash the couches. So far I haven't noticed any snags and I'm hoping that by the time they are big enough to leave snags, they'll be able to jump on them instead of having to climb them. Fingers crossed! They can almost jump up on the seat of them right now so I think we should be ok.

The boyfriend layed down on the the floor the other day and they immediately used him as a jungle gym. Here they are playing King of the Mountain on his knees. I did some of the continuous shoot mode while they were up there and I plan to do a post on the smackdown that occurred. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes while looking thru those pictures!

I am also noticing that they are fast! Like really fast! Probably 90% of my pictures of them are blurry because they don't sit still for even half a second! Even my sports mode on my Nikon doesn't always catch them! Crazy kids! I'm sure it does't help that my house is pretty dark though.

In these pictures I was in the bedroom folding clothes and they were keeping me company. They ended up climbing up the jeans on hangers in the boyfriends closet and playing on them. They were having a total blast too! It was hilarious to watch since the hangers would move and tilt.

Don't they just look like TROUBLE?!


Amers425 said...

so what are their names now? Sneaky & Shifty? LOL! THey are waaaaaaay too cute! I love kittens even though they are CRAZY!

Paint Girl said...

I love this post! I just love kitties! Yours are so darn cute! Loved them on the hangars! What the heck? I don't think mine ever did that! Cats have the best personalities, well some of them. They are all so different!
I have had a lot of experience introducing dogs to cats. I will email you later, to let you know what works best! It will be harder with a crazy Aussie, imagine introducing 2 crazy Aussies to 5 cats! Their herding instincts are so strong, as they should be. Chey just needs to learn what she can herd, and not herd! LOL!
Oh, and I have leather furniture. So I hear you on the couch thing. My couch has suffered scratches, but nothing too terrible. I am lucky that out of my 5 cats, none of them have ever resorted to using it as a scratching post! Whew! The scratches that are there, are from them climbing and running around.

Amanda said...

Trouble with a captial T

jrosey said...

Oh, those CUTE little kitten eyes!! I cannot believe them in the hangers! That is hilarious! Don't worry too much about Chey...I bet once they get a little bigger they will start holding their own. Caleb used to be kinda that way with Lunar, so I just tried to make it really clear to him that his behavior was unacceptable. ;) Now, he just plays with him and no longer tries to put Lunar's head in his mouth. Sound like you're having so much fun with them! :)

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

LOL OMG they are a soooo cute!! Is there anything better in life than watching animals play?

I love the last few shots of them on the hangers....reminds me of those Japanese game shows!!

WhimsybyMari said...

They are just too cute. My cats are all in the 10+ year age so I have almost forgotten the trouble they can get into.

Sarah said...

What sweet faces!! I love them and can't wait to meet them! They do look like trouble though and they have each other to find plenty of it! I love how kittens play in shoes, it's always entertaining. I can't believe the climbed on the hangers! Never seen that before! You might have your hands full with those too! LOL Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Climbers! Ha, Love Mom