Monday, July 13, 2009

Kitty Smackdown

Alright, as promised, here is the Smackdown that occurred on the boyfriends knees the other night. I was shooting in continuous mode and the house was dark so please forgive the quality (or serious lack thereof) of the photos. They were just too funny to not post. Sorry, it's kinda long, but mostly pictures.

Here we go...

Fighters, take your, knees!

Get those claws warmed up and Prepare to fight!

Round 1...FIGHT!

*POW* And Girl 1 gets a left jab in right at the bell...

Uh-oh, looks like Girl 1 has a claw stuck and Girl 2 is going in for a left hook!

*BAM* G2 nails G1 with that left hook, but G1's claw is still stuck

G2 winds up for another left hook...

*KAPOW* Oh, that ones a doozy, but that claw is holding strong!

G2 winds up for a third hit, but it looks like that claw is finally coming loose.

*KABLAM* G2 lands a third blow, knocking G1's claw loose finally and takes Round 1 with 3 punches.

Ok, fighters...Here's Round 2...FIGHT!
Look at the speed G2 has in that left jab! Amazing! But G1 is winding up for a good one while dodging that swipe. Just look at her coiling up, ready to pounce and really put the hurt on with those claws!


G2 looks a little stunned by that blow, but is recovering quickly. But will she be quick enough to get out of the way of the next blow coming?


Oh! Not quite fast enough and she takes a direct hit to the head.

You can just feel the focus in G1...look at that stance, those ears, the tail straight down for balance...she's one tough little kitty!

But wait...G2 is still fighting!

G2 looks like she's about to bring some serious heat!

Oh! She lands a solid hit on G1's head and winds up for more!

Looks like another solid wind up...look at that speed!

But wait, what's this?! It looks like G1 managed to get out of the way, sending G2 sprawling...

G1 goes in for the kill while G2 is still off balance!

And G1 lands another solid hit on the head for the knockout punch!

Our winner and feather weight King of the Mountain is Girl 1!
Okay, okay...I know I'm a total dork. You don't have to tell me. It totally reminds me of some weird mix of the Simba/Scar slow motion fight scene in the Lion King and the old comic book cartoons. I totally picture the big *POW* *BAM* screens flashing after every hit. Anyone else? Is that just me?
*tap, tap*
This thing on?
(name that blog!)
Well, it's apparently way past my bedtime and I think I'm getting delirious...ya, that's it. ;) Stay tuned for plenty more Kitty Tales coming soon!


Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh my..I luv it! This is the best entertainment!

Paint Girl said...

You gotta love the kitties! That is so cool! I just love the attitude of cats! And they have to be one of the most entertaining animals! Way to go G1!
Your BF reminds me of my OH, bright shirt! Construction workers! Gotta love the florescent colors they have to wear! I love it when my OH wears the really bright yellow! Man, does he stand out! In a crowd! LOL!

SighMan said...

Haha! bravo to your commentary!

Sarah said...

I love the commentary! You sure brought it to life! LOL

Mom said...

Ok...that was so funny!!!! So darn cute. Crimony! Your just as cute & funny as they are!!! Hugs, Mom