Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kitten Update!

I realized I haven't done an update on the kittens in quite a while so here's what they've been up to. They are getting big! Well, bigger. I think they will stay pretty small cats though. They are growing up quickly. I got over my over-protective tendencies and have been kicking them outside all day. I think they like it, they aren't terribly anxious to get back in when I get home.

They are really good tree climbers. Too good, actually. They love it and they won't stop. The turkeys.

This was Chunks first tree climbing experience. We left for a bit one day and when we got home she was up the tree meowing pathetically.

See her peeking out? She was quite a ways up the tree. In the picture below you can see her little face about a quarter of the way down the pic next to the wire. She was probably 30-40 feet up.

I made the boyfriend climb up the tree and get her down before it got dark. The next day she climbed it again. I told her she had to figure it out this time, she only got one get out of jail free pass. She was down just after dark. Smart kitty!

Legs on the other hand...apparently not so smart. She was climbing trees the whole time I was out holding horses for the shoer a couple weeks ago. She would meow like she was stuck for a while, but always figured out a way to get down. Then she got stuck. We figured she could find a way to get down on her own, but she never did. She spent the night in the tree. Poor thing. Must have been a miserable night. I woke up in the middle of the night to check if she had gotten herself down and was ready to come in, but she was still stuck. It was just as well though because there was a rather large sounding pack of coyotes very close so atleast she was safe in the tree. She was down when I got home from work the next day though so I didn't worry about it too much.

I went out of town this last weekend and she got herself good and stuck while I was gone. She did it sometime while the boyfriend was out running errands Saturday afternoon. She still had not come down by the time I got home from work on Monday. The tree she was up was not one we could climb easily so after some figurin' I decided I could pull my truck under it to stand on and snag her out of the branches. She was one traumatized little kitty after 48 hours in a tree. She hasn't been climbing trees much since and I hope she learned her lesson!

When we are home and Chey is outside they are her entertainment. She likes to stalk them.

She is one smart little puppy dog too, cracks me up. She hides behind the truck tires and peeks around them to watch the kittens come out of hiding and then pounces.

The kittens are much braver when we are outside to yell at Cheyanne. They are such trouble makers! So funny to watch though!

This is a close up of Chunk aka: May Belle. Overall she has darker coloring and her tabby stripes are really coming out. She's very pretty! She has a very white belly and paws and light yellow-green eyes.

Legs aka: June Bug, has much lighter coloring, more orange and light colors. Her eyes are a really dark gold color.

They are both just adorable and super friendly. They love to curl up on the couch with us when we are watching tv.
The poor things are cutting teeth right now though. I was holding Legs and petting her and noticed something on her chest. It was a tooth! So I had to inspect and see where it came from. It was Chunks tooth! Not sure how it ended up on Legs' chest! In my teeth inspecting though I found this...

Poor Chunk has two canine teeth on her top right side. Her gums are all red and sore looking. And neither of them are loose. Legs has a really loose tooth on her bottom left, but I couldn't get it out. Poor kittens. I'm sure they aren't enjoying that experience too much. And it's about time to be getting them spayed too. They may not like me for a while.


jrosey said...

Oh, how ADORABLE are they?! I'm excited to see them next week! I can't believe what little tree climbers they are. I think it's good to let them figure things out for themselves. Smart little kitties. And so cute that Cheyanne can play with them. I knew she would end up being friends with them. I love the hide and seek behind the truck game. And the pic of the kitty on the truck tire...too cute!

Paint Girl said...

They are getting so big! And so cute! Ours like to climb trees, get up on the hay storage roof etc, and than they sit there and cry at you to get them down! I am always yelling at them "You got yourself up there, now figure out how to get yourself down!", 15 minutes later they are down. Silly!
Cats are so fun to watch. They do the funniest things!!

Mom said...

Great update on the kitties. Loved the tree stories. I sat here & chuckled. Love the pics of them growing up, beautiful colors. Too cute of Chey playing with them. Awesome shots....Love Mom

Koontz said...

Hmmm, the things you learn sneaking around the net. LOL, always knew you were as bad as me with the animals!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

OMG they are SO big!!! It is so hard to listen to that "Help Mom, I'm stuck" meow isnt it? But you were right to let her figure it out for herself, they need to learn...

Probably good to get them spayed really soon if they are out, I know some cats can have their first heat extra early...used to be that you had to wait until they were six months but not so anymore.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Naughty kitties! But so adorable, too!


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Ya Billy, vould ya grab zome zardines and cheez for our Svedish BBQ?

Joc F said...

Is that normal for their teeth to be coming out like that? My kitten has two canines coming out like that and I'm worried.