Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Place For Everything...

...and everything in it's place. That's my motto. Generally speaking. Most of the time.

It's at least my goal in life.

The Boyfriend? Not so much.

I keep the house reasonably picked up: the kitchen organized with a "home" for most things, laundry put away (on good weeks), don't leave things laying around too terribly long, etc.

Even things that don't so much have a specific home, have a general area that it can usually be found in.

So why does the Boyfriend have problems finding things? If he goes looking for things a few days after he left them laying on, say, the couch and it's not there, he turns the house, his truck, where ever he thinks he might have left it, upside down. Then finally mentions to me that he can't find whatever it is. I, of course, ask if he looked where it's supposed to be, as in, I probably put it away, did he look for it in it's "home".

*blank stare*

So of course I have to go show him where it is put away. Again. *sigh*

I realize he spent years living by himself and things stayed where he left them and most things didn't have put away "homes" so much as spots on the floor where they were conveniently dropped. And stayed until he needed them again. And I cut him some slack for a while because it was a new house, he probably just hadn't really gotten used to where everything goes.

We've been in this house 2 1/2 years. I don't think he gets that slack any more.

He is a boy though. At work we call it "boy disease". As in, they can never find things if they are put away, or sometimes even if it is right in front of their face. They need us to go find it for them. And we do. 98.7% of the time it's right where it's supposed to be.

Back to The Boyfriend...

The most recent scenario involved a dremel bit that he thought he had purchased, but was doubting himself because he couldn't find it any where. If you saw his garage (his domain, I don't move anything in there) this would not be such a surprise. It's just a bit messy.

If I do have to venture in the garage for something, I sneak through the piles of stuff, grab what I need (if I can find it), go use it, then put it right back, exactly where I found it (usually). We don't use the garage to park our trucks, we have a carport for that, so the garage houses his dirt bike, his Land Cruiser (off roader), a couple large old stereo systems, a surround sound system that never got hooked up, his tools, quite a few boxes of random contents that he has moved twice now and a whole bunch of stuff. Every where. The walls of the garage are covered in cupboards, cubbies, shelves, hooks and basically massive amounts of potentially organized storage for said stuff. But it sits on the floor in piles, waiting to be organized.

Ok now, where was I....Ah yes, the dremel bit. So he has mentioned the elusive dremel bit a few times to me. As I don't remember it coming in the house at all, I am not much help. I asked him if he looked in his tool box or his dremel case where, I would assume, it would have been "put away".

Again with the *blank stare* Like, why would it be there? Why would I have put something away?!? Sheesh!

So finally, he concludes that he must have imagined purchasing it (if you had ever watched the guy shop, you'd know that this is not an entirely unlikely scenario!) and during a trip to Home Depot over the weekend bought another one.

A little while after we get home he comes in the house with an amused looking grin on his face. Apparently, he went to put away his new dremel bit so he didn't lose it and guess what he found? Yep, the one he thought he had bought, but couldn't find any where. Right where it was supposed to be, in it's "home".

This is not the first time this has happened. That boy cracks me up! On good days anyways. It really is rather amusing. Most of the time. ;)

My question is...Is this a general "boy phenomenon"? Or is it just all the boys that I associate with?


Paint Girl said...

Nope, this is totally normal. I deal with the same thing. Except when it comes to my OH's tools. Our shop is totally spotless and everything is in its "home" and he knows exactly where its "home" is, out there. But when it comes to the house, yeah right. I have to find everything for him!!

Anonymous said...

that's the male species in general
my boyfriend and i live together & it's a common occurance that he cant find something he put away lol

Rising Rainbow said...

It's a genetic thing attached to that "y" in y put anything away........and y can't I find it........and y....... You get the picture. Have fun. It doesn't get any better with time. LOL

Heather said...

This is most definitely a universal problem with men. On the other hand, I believe women have an innate ability to locate the most randomly misplaced items. Or...maybe we're just more observant.

Amers425 said...

HEHEHEHE! Too funny! I can just picture that blank stare.

Anonymous said...

Ok....that was such a funny story!!! Ha Ha Ha....