Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All Is Forgiven

Well, it didn't take me long to forgive Chey. Less then 24 hours actually. By the time I left work yesterday I couldn't wait to get home and give her some love. On my way home I got some more plants to fill in the gaping holes in the pots and informed the boyfriend of my new plan that he needed to help me with. As soon as I told him what I was thinking he jumped on board and said he had just the thing. He had set it aside, saving it for some higher purpose, which this just happened to be.

This is my new plan...

I had the boyfriend cut off these stumps from a tree we took down last year when we cleared the property. He had saved it aside because it was cedar and most of the rest of the trees were maple and cotton wood which he cut up for firewood. They look kinda cute and woodsy on the porch and will hopefully get the pots up high enough that Chey won't bother them again. I hope!!! If she does decide to bother them again, they will fall and really be toast!

I also tried to piece together plants to recreate the pot that I had before the one got completely demolished. I'm all about being matchy-matchy and balance. I didn't totally nail it, but I think I got it close enough that once it fills in it should look just fine.
Of course I couldn't find the big pretty flower that had originally been in there. I was bummed because I was rather fond of it but I was on a mission to get them filled in and be done with the whole messy business so I could totally get over it and I didn't look terribly long and hard.
I did find this strange leafy plant though...

I don't remember what it's called at the moment (of course! I cannot retain plant names to save my life), but it's got these odd bright purple leaves.
I'm still trying to decide just how exactly I feel about it. I'm not totally in love with it, but I think it will be pretty once it fills in a bit. Luckily (I'm trying to be positive here!) Chey pulled the big plants out of both of the pots so that part is balanced at least.
So here's to hoping this new plan of mine works!
Oh, and the big bonus to all of this...the cedar smells sooooooo good!!!


Paint Girl said...

I think your idea was a great one! Love the new pot holders! I also like that purple plant. I think it is very pretty!
Hopefully this works to keep Chey out of your potted plants! Silly dog!

jrosey said...

Love 'em! And who can beat the smell of fresh cedar on the porch? I really like the contrast of your new purple plant. I'm amazed at how revived they look now! What black thumb?! Lookin' pretty green to me! :)

Pony Girl said...

The stumps look great, very rustic! Hopefully this will keep them safe from your poochie!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Lovely purple, and I think they will fill in nicely....I love your stump idea! And the cedar will repel bugs!!!