Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Fun Day

This is my favorite way to spend a day...

And that is how I spent a good chunk of my day today. I was a happy girl! We had a horse show, but even after sitting on my horse for a solid 4 hours I wasn't ready to be done with her when I got home. I jumped on bareback with the halter and let her graze while I sprawled on her back, trying to figure out how the heck I used to be able to do that and not fall off! Sometimes I really miss being a flexible, bouncy little kid! It was a nice way to wind down from the show for both of us.
The show was fun, but the cow gods were not smiling on me today and Midori and I just weren't on the same page. I was sore from battling thistles the night before and she felt stiff and I could tell her head wasn't in the game. She was hanging on the bit and not bending and I just had a feeling it was not going to be our day.

It wasn't. The cows we got were little pistols. They shot out of the gate and stood there, tail and head in the air, just daring me to try to push them around. I've been trying to let Midori work more on her own lately since she's really been cowing up, but that didn't work out so well for me today. By the time I would realize she wasn't going to stop and turn on her own with the cow and got to telling her what to do myself the cow had already turned and we were behind. It just wasn't our day. We lost our working advantage twice. That's the first time this year that's happened to me and to have it happen twice in one run was very frustrating. I may have cursed the second time it happened. Loudly. I still made it out of there with a 65, the lowest score I've received in my lengthy cutting career (4 shows), which landed me in 5th place out of 10. Not horrible, but I was a little disappointed with our run.

The boyfriend, on the other hand, was a total rock star on his run! Sugar was amazing! She was all over those cows like white on rice! She totally cowed up and he got a couple really good cows and they had a really great run, scoring a 70, which put them in first place. It also marked the first time the boyfriend has beat me at cutting. I'm sure I'll be hearing about it for a while.

Even though my run wasn't the greatest it was still a fun day. I love spending time with my horse and the boyfriend so I can't hardly complain.

In other news: Day 2 of no reading just sucks. I'm trying to not think about it, but I did catch myself in the office looking at the "books to be read" shelf. I made myself go outside and feed the critters and finish weeding around the raspberries instead. When I was finished with that I came back in the house and layed on the couch staring at the ceiling for a while, wishing I had a book to read. Then I made a pound cake and strawberry soup. While the pound cake was baking I was wishing I had a book to read. So I loaded pics from the day and got to blogging. I'm sure as soon as I'm done with this I'll wish I had a book to read. Maybe I'll just watch a little tv. Or maybe I'll go grab a book. I did do a bunch of laundry, baked a cake, did the dishes, finished weeding the raspberries...all very productive, so I deserve a reward, right? A reward like, say, getting to pick a book to read, right?! *sigh*

Off to watch a little tv and try to be good atleast a little bit longer.


Paint Girl said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun at the show, even though Midori was a little off. But every show you go to, she'll get better!
Congrats to your boyfriend! Looks like Sugar and him did real good!!
Did you ever go read a book? Just do it! Now that I am blogging, I don't read as much as I used too, even though I consider blogging reading, just on a computer. My OH still considers it all "ignoring". If only he knew what the blog world and reading were really like! Than he'd be addicted too!

Mom said...

Your funny! Loved the show pics. Fun!!! Love & hugs, Mom

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

So good to catch up on your blog and what wonderful posts I have missed !! Your so lucky to have your boyfriend participate with you with your horses! I'd love to have that, mine HATES them and finds them a waste of time.....I dont know what he's thinking! And I think 5th out of 10 isnt bad!!!!!!! so Great job!
Your flowers turned out beutiful dont have a black thumb..looks like its turning green to me! I've neglected my yard this year, last year I had it all done up hanging baskets, pots, etc...but rather than spending a pretty penny on flowers I opted for spoiling my horses and Vet care...LOL
The weeds....ugh, always a problem, we have to spray a lot too, and if I could figure out a way to do it naturally with out spending an arm and a leg I sure would, so let me know what you come up with, I hate putting chemicals in the ground if I dont have too! Go get a book already! LOL I'm like you...OCD when it comes to reading, once I pick it up - I HAVE to finish it before I can do anything else and function! LOL