Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Honest Scrap

I received the Honest Scrap Award from Paint Girl over at Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm. Thank you very much Paint Girl! I just love reading about her adventures! It seems that we have quite a few things in common! It is fun to hear about her aussies and know that I am not alone in the amazing things that they can collect in their coat. She's got quite the herd of animals over there and always has entertaining stories to tell!

The Honest Scrap Award comes with a caveat or two. First, you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not already know, but are true. Second, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Third, you have to let the people you've given the award to, know that they've received this award from you. Finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you.

So first up, lets see if I can think of 10 things you may not know about me that are somewhat interesting...

1. I was in 4-H for 7-8 years when I was younger. I can't remember exactly how long. I showed dogs first, then added cats and then, finally, got the opportunity to show horses as well. Horses was my favorite and I made it to state for Horse Bowl my first year.

2. I can't stand having naked toe nails. I'm open to going barefoot, though I don't usually. But if my toe nails don't have some sort of color on them, even if it's a 4 month old paint job that is mostly chipped off, I will avoid exposing them for anything other then a shower and bed time.

3. I think I have a bit of the girl version of "little man syndrome". I'm petite, 5'2" and skinny and I drive a big truck and my favorite thing in the world to do is dominate horses (more or less). Seriously, the fact that I love pushing around 1,000 lb animals has to say something.

4. The boyfriend and I are together because of a horse named Captain. Long story short, my friend sold her horse to his mom and they conspired to set us up. The rest is history.

5. I hated country music until the end of high school. I absolutely could not stand it. Then all of a sudden I decided to embrace being a little country and now look at me!

6. I am an office manager for a small construction company and I love my job.

7. Apparently I scare people and I have no idea why. I think it is the same reason that horses tend to respect me though. I've been told that the guys in the shop at my work are "afraid" of me. As in, they won't come in to talk to me if they can avoid it. Usually, they'll talk to the other office girl, who will then have to come talk to me. I think it may have something to do with the stupid questions that they sometimes ask that I just don't tend to have the patience for. Or maybe I'm just a bi-otch to them all the time. Who knows. I try to be nice, I swear!
8. I played volleyball in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Didn't try out freshman year of high school then got cut sophomore year because I was too short and a little rusty. As far as I know I still hold the record for consecutive serves in a volleyball match at my junior high. 17 straight serves over the net. Yes, volleyball games are only 15 points. So I served one entire game (the other team really sucked) and then talked the coach into letting me stay server to start off the next game of the match.

9. I have a serious weakness for peanut m&m's. They are going to be the death of me. Okay, maybe not me so much as my jeans. It's getting a little dicey.

10. I am an olive fanatic. I love olives. I love black olives, greek olives, green olives, pimento stuffed olives, onion stuffed olives, jalapeno stuffed olives and, my personal favorite, garlic stuffed olives. Mmm MMM!!! I haven't met an olive yet that I didn't like.
Alrighty, so there are ten random things you probably didn't know about me. I'm sure you are all going to lead happy, fulfilled lives now that you have that knowledge.
On to tagging...
Since pretty much all of the few blogs that I read have already gotten this I'm only going to tag a couple people that I don't think have had the pleasure of the Honest Scrap Award yet...
1. Amers425 over at The Inside Workings Of... I blame her for my Twilight addiction and recent book obsession. She's totally my enabler.
2. Caspian over at This Kuntry Arabian because he is such a character and I would love to learn some new things about him! ;)

3. Jenny and Missfire who just finished up the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Jenny was able to adopt MissFire and I'm excited to see MissFire's training continue!
4. Foxypants - probably the funniest blog I read. Her animals just crack me UP!
I think thats it from me. If I didn't list you and you want to do it, consider yourself tagged!
Now off to leave comments and then get my beauty rest.


jrosey said...

Hey, that's funny! I didn't like country music AT ALL 'till senior year too! I was totally resistant to it...wouldn't even give it a chance. Now country stations occupy three of my pre-sets and a large chunk of my ipod playlist! P.S. I'll make sure that Caspian gets right on his list! ;)

Paint Girl said...

Olives? Seriously? You crack me up!
I have never like olives, but just call me strange!
I hear you on being skinny and wrestling 1200 lb horses! I always have told people, Do Not Under Estimate My Size! I wrestle 1200 lb horses, so if I can take one of those out, I can take you out too! Yeah, people don't mess with me much! I think it is hilarious!
Thanks for sharing! Great to get to know more about ya!

Patches said...

Paint Girl - I always say that dynamite comes in small packages! lol Totally should not be underestimated! :)

Mom said...

Ok ...this is YOUR MOM ! I didn't know you love olives that much? Also, so the guys are afraid of you??? What is that about??? Sounds like both you girls inherited Daddy's buff scary look & firm focused replys. Do you tip your head down & not blink with that straight look? I only see his sweet side. Interesting.... Love Mom