Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I think maybe I was meant to be a southern Californian.

It has been darn cold around here lately. Most mornings for the past week or so it's been 27 degrees. This morning, after I froze in the 10 seconds or so it took me to get from my house to my truck, the temp gauge in my truck said 27 and then started dropping as soon as I pulled out from under the car port, eventually bottoming out at 23. 23!!!

Now, I know I'm just a big weenie and it could be a lot worse, and was just a few weeks ago, but that is just way too darn cold for me. I'm more a fan of a nice 75+ degrees. Hence why I think I belong in So Cal right now. Even though I'm not blond (and don't ever plan to be) and everything on me is 100% real, I still think I could fit in just fine down there. :-)

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