Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Naked ponies frolicking

Since it was so sunny and pretty out on Sunday we decided to turn the ponies out naked for a bit. Boy did they have fun!

Midori went out first. This is her "I'm an Arab" look.

This is her "Yeehaw, I'm free!" run.

This is her half assed "Yeehaw, I'm free" buck. I don't mind that she's not a great bucker. :-)

This is her "wohoo, MUD" roll. Check out that lip! Must be a good spot.

Then out came Sugar. This is her going, "sha, FINALLY! I'm outta here!"

And literally, about 3 strides later, she just dropped and rolled. And then got up, switched sides and rolled again.

Then she jumped up and took off towards Midori. I think she was trying to buck in this pic. She can't buck to save her life. Usually about all she accomplishes is a couple really loud farts. It's hilarious!

And a couple of laps later, she's still going strong.

I think they had a blast out there. They came out sweaty, muddy gross messes, but it was worth it to watch them play. And I had a ton of fun with the continuous shoot mode on my camera!

Mister did not have quite as much fun. He isn't as insanely respectful of our dinky fence as the girls are (he likes to walk right under it) so he got turned out in the round pen by himself. Poor guy. He didn't romp around too much. In fact, I don't think I saw him get into more then a nice jog.

He was a dirty, muddy mess by the end of the day though so atleast he got a couple good rolls in!


Jessica said...

Fun!! I love the girls' half-hearted attempts at bucking! Caspian's kinda the same, although when he's feeling extra Arab-y he can get some good ones in there (of course, complete with a couple toots). CRACKS ME UP!!! I love to go out & play with him like that. My favorite is when he comes trotting (floating) up to me with his head in the clouds. Gotta love how horses teach us how to REALLY have fun! All you need is some sun and mud to roll in!

Anonymous said...

Wow honey....fabulous pictures...too fun to see the joy in their spirits. We have all endured the grey dark days, but I bet they felt it more & were so yippi-kia-in !!! What a joyful day for all of you. We sure love our critters, eh? Love you! Mom

Amers425 said...

OMG!!! I love the Buck fart, scare yourself, & run like hell reference. I literally laughed out loud here at work until tears came. HAHAHAHA!! I remember one night when you didn't come to the unit with Justin... Sugar did something to scare herself just right & jumped up & out of her skin with a REALLY LOUD FART!! Then it looked like she scared herself again with how loud it was. Ahhhhhh...The hilarity of the horse buck fart never gets old. :-)

Patches said...

OMG Amers...laughing with tears in my eyes here at work reading your comment! I remember him telling me about that little adventure. Sugar really is the QUEEN of the horsey buck-fart sequence. I've never seen a horse better at it! LOL