Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's amazing...

...what a little time with my horse and a girlfriend, a couple glasses of wine and a good chick flick can do for my attitude! I suppose I should include the mostly decent weather (for this time of year) that I got to enjoy for a bit yesterday also.

I think my pony was enjoying some "mom time" too. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. I swear she got a pretty good attitude adjustment out of it, though I suppose that could have been because she knew she was getting fed when we were done. :-)

I was a lazy bum and just threw her bridle on and jumped on her. I didn't have a lot of day light when I got home and I didn't want to waste it all dealing with her hairy, muddy self so I took the easy way out and just rode bareback. Probably not the most brilliant move, considering I hadn't ridden her in a week and a half and it was a sunny, cool day and I was home by myself. I figured I had my cell phone in my pocket and there are two neighbors who can see my round pen from their house. Besides, it's Midori. I trust her. Mostly.

It was so great being outside, getting some fresh air, not freezing my butt off and having only a few layers on. I'm sore from my ride today, which is always fun. Midori was totally in tune with me, even though she was feeling spicy and wanting to go-go-go. She was stopping and backing off my seat, she was moving her hip for me, which is my current project with her, she was having a blast rolling back and picking up her shoulders. It was great!

Then when I was done with that, I got to get out of the house for a change! I had date night with my best friend and we just relaxed in a boy-free house with wine and one of our favorite dinners and wine. Did I mention there was wine? I have only recently started enjoying wine, but it's really growing on me and it sure did treat me well last night. We watched Monster-In-Law, which is such a great chick flick, and had her dogs for our side show.

I think it was darn near a perfect night. I got all of my favorite therapies, which I think I needed. It's amazing how the short gray days, long dark evenings, gross rainy weather and being house bound can just get to you sometimes.

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Sarah said...

It was a GREAT date night! I'm glad we could have a boy-free house...and wine! :-)