Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh my

As if I haven't been having enough issues lately, now my eye balls have to join in on the "Let's make her feel really old" party that everything else in my life seems to be having.

I know, relatively speaking, I'm still pretty young. But 30 is now looming on the horizon and I gotta tell you, it kinda scares the poo outta me. I don't want to be 30! I like 27 just fine. It's been treating me pretty good. I liked 25 even better. It seems like a good age. I realized that as of January 1st I'm officially closer to 30 then I am to 25. I don't like that.

Soon, the boyfriend will be able to return all the crap I've given him since he turned 30. He's now 31. For his 30th birthday I got him a card that said something along the lines of, You're 30 years old! on the outside and then when you opened it up it had a big face with a tongue that stuck out as it opened and the inside said And I'm not! hehe That was a great card! He can't exactly get something like that for me when I turn 30, but I'll still be 30.

It seems like I've been contemplating my age and the fact that I'm truly an adult a lot lately. Not just an adult, but seemingly a mature, responsible adult with a full time job, furball kids, a significant other and my very own home. I'm still not exactly sure when it all happened.

This latest round of contemplation was brought on by my sudden realization that maybe the reason for my headaches, exhaustion and difficulty with my computer screen at work is my eyes. My eyes have never failed me before. I've always had perfect vision. Never needed glasses or contacts. But lately, especially after all of my recent reading marathons in not so great light, my eyes just haven't been the same. A couple days ago, after much fretting over what the heck was wrong with me, it suddenly occurred to me that I should have my eyes checked. Sure enough, I need reading glasses.

Now, I know nothing about vision problems, since I've never had them, so maybe it's really nothing and I just got the prescription to make me feel better (sort of like a placebo), but I am getting reading glasses. My mom's reaction was pretty much the same as mine...but you're only 27! How can you need reading glasses already? My parents didn't get their reading glasses until they were in their 40's! Reading glasses just seem like something that is only for old people. When I hear reading glasses I picture the little half glasses on the tip of some wrinkly old cotton ball's nose looking over the early bird menu at Denny's. So you see where my complex about this is coming from.

When I really think about it though, I know the majority of my friends have glasses. They have always had them though. Atleast as long as I can remember. I'm not worried about wearing glasses, I'm actually kind of looking forward to being able to sport glasses, I've always wanted to. Kind of like straight haired girls always want curly hair and the curly haired girls always want straight hair. But it's not an "old age" thing for them. Mine is an old age thing. Or atleast that's what I'm classifying it as. I know 27 is hardly old, but it just seems to be adding to the pile of things that are making me feel old lately. Is it too early to be having a mid-life crisis? hehe


Jessica said...

I don't think it's too early for a mid-life crisis! I'm so there! (Sporadically). I guess it's not full blown yet. As a fellow glasses wearer, I can say that you're lucky you only need them for reading! Then you get to look cute and scholarly, but you don't have the EVERY DAY hassle of glasses and/or contacts. You're gonna look cute in them! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok...too funny! Your a kick!!! Let me ease your mind, once you accept 30...time flys when your havin fun. Let em roll by. Every time I hit a 30,40,50. I felt like I was on a hilltop yelling "I made it, I'm here". Tee Hee...Grandma tell's me I'm young when I say I'm getting soooo old. Cute, eh? Hugs tweety! Mom