Thursday, March 19, 2009

Any Excuse will do!

I think the boyfriend likes his new toy. Any excuse he can find to use it, he's all over it.

He had some extra time on his hands a couple weeks ago so I suggested getting the evil Juniper root up that I mentioned in this post. Since we had a nice break in the weather I was starting to get spring fever and take inventory of the outdoor projects that I would like to tackle when it gets nice out again. I think this little area is a priority so I can call it complete for reals. I was not able to pull the root out on my own last fall, but it needed to go. He went out, fired up Holly and 30 seconds later it was out. So happy to have it outta there!

I also wanted to add some dirt to this little garden area to bring it up level to the concrete pad and redo the rock border. After he pulled the root out he got to work digging it up a bit, loosening the existing soil and leveling it back off. It cracked me up because the little garden area was no bigger then the bucket on the tractor! I'm sure he could have easily dug it up with a shovel by hand in about 10 minutes, but he used the tractor instead.

He's pretty darn handy with his new toy!

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Mom said...

My God...that boy is awesome!!!! Amazing how he handles his toy. Lookin good tweety. Mom