Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's okay...I have a buckle!

Oh ya, you heard right...your's truly has a buckle! I won it fair and square and I'm freakin excited!

I had a few different ideas for titles of this post. The first one I was thinking was The Tortoise and the Hare. It seemed appropriate leading up to this last show if I did happen to get the buckle. While I had won the class once, most of the reason I got the buckle was because I came to every single show, even though I didn't receive any points for the first no score I got. I was the slow and steady, middle of the pack wins the race. Well, this morning I had a pretty good run and I won the class! That makes two first places, a second and some other decent placings that I don't remember. So I feel a little more like I really deserved that buckle and maybe wasn't the slow and steady. Maybe there was some skills involved. Maybe.

Another title I was debating was It Was a Good Day. For obvious reasons. It really was a good day.

I decided on the current title because all day, anything bad or boring or just not great that happened, I would turn around, whip out my buckle and say, "It's okay, I have a buckle!" I was stuck in traffic...It's okay, I have a buckle! Whip it out, admire it at a stoplight. Headed to work on a Saturday, It's okay, I have a buckle! Realize someone forgot to do something important before leaving work yesterday...It's okay, I have a buckle! You get the point. Everything is okay because I'm so stinking excited that I won the buckle!

This is my favorite part...

See that? It says REINING CHAMPION. Me. Reining Champion.

And yes, it was a Beginner class at a small, very casual, very small, very casual winter reining series. Did I mention it was small and casual? It was very small and very casual.


I do have to thank C.C. Dozing and Mike Crandall for sponsoring the series. They totally rock! They support a lot of events and get us some beeeeautiful buckles! Which I can tell you now from personal experience. Did I mention I have a buckle? *grins*

Oh, and the boyfriend got second in the series. He got a really nice set of reins. They are even light oil so they match his saddle. Maybe now he'll quit stealing mine. He did so awesome! I'm so proud of him. He rocks!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness tweety!!!! I love the close up to see the details. I wondered why you titled it that. I loved the story...laughed out loud over & over! Can't wait for Dad to see it. I showed him the text....What a grand day for you, too fun!!!!
Hugs, Mom

gtyyup said...

Well, you're so much like goal in life is to win a buckle...fair and square!!

You put me in doesn't matter how small the competition is. It's because you worked hard and got what you deserved.


Jessica said...

Yay! Very exciting! And what a fancy buckle it is! Congrats!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations!! You and Midori should be very proud!

Amers425 said...

I heard you got the buckle! Congrats & way to be consistent!! YAY!!!