Sunday, March 22, 2009

Puppy play day!

Yesterday we ended up having an impromptu puppy play day at our house. It turned out to be a beautiful day after the fog burned off and the dogs all had a blast playing together.

My parents came over with their two new Corgi puppies, Yogi Bear and Bella. Yogi is on the left and Bella on the right. They are so freakin adorable! Yogi is a little chunk! His legs are huge and he has floppy puppy skin. His ears have just recently started standing up so when he runs they still flop.

And of course they have the cutest little Corgi puppy bums! See how much bigger Yogi (on the left) is then Bella? Total chunk!

And my sister came over with her brand new to her puppy Vega. She is a Schipperke mix. She was pretty darn cute too! Love those ears and that face!

Cheyanne had so much fun playing with all the puppies! She was so gentle with them, seemed to know they were babies and played accordingly.

I just love Vega in the picture below. Cracks me up!

Yogi seemed pretty fascinated with Chey, he kept trying to catch her and play. She was too fast for his chunky little legs though. That girl can run!

I think Chey had just as much fun running circles around them as they played amongst themselves.

After a couple hours they were some seriously tuckered out puppies! They all crashed out in their kennels while we had some lunch. Below is Yogi trying to sleep, but the annoying girl with the camera kept distracting him.

Chey still wanted to go-go-go, but she crashed eventually a little while after everyone left. She was fast asleep on her bed on the deck. Never seen such a thing!
It was a very fun day! Makes me want to get another dog so Chey can have some company and they can tucker themselves out! :o)


Ed said...

Puppies at play alwats make me smile..:-)

Sarah said...

It looks like they had a fun time playing together! Love the puppy play dates and the tuckered out puppies afterward! :-)

Mom said...

Wow!!! Did we have fun, or what!!! That was the best day ever. Thanks for getting all the great pics darlin...Love ya, Mom