Sunday, March 29, 2009

Round Two Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Eight

Ya, it snowed again yesterday. Started out raining a whole lot and as the afternoon wore on it turned to snow.

That is what we had when I went to bed around 11 and it was still coming down like crazy.
When I woke up this morning it was sunny and beautiful outside so even though I'm totally OVER the snow I had to take some pictures. It was all foggy outside too, very pretty.

The snow was really wet and heavy and falling off the trees very quickly. I had to dodge falling snow to take this picture.
Ok, that's all. Enough snow. When is summer?!?


Pony Girl said...

It's beautiful! I never get sick of seeing it snow, I'm like a little kid that way! ;) I just hate spring snow because it tends to be wet, and melts fast, making a mess.

Mom said...

I love the foggy tree pasture picture. You can really feel the moment. Hugs, Mom