Thursday, March 19, 2009


First off I have to say that I think my sister is brilliant! While I may look at her like she has a third eye when I hear some of her ideas, when I see the finish product, it is always fabulous. She has tons of very bright and bold colors in her house and while I had my doubts when I heard what she wanted to do with each room, everything turned out great and it all flows together amazingly well. She is really good at thinking "outside the box".

So after she read my blog about painting my office she emailed me with her thoughts on the subject. I had a forehead smack moment(also known as a duh moment). She suggested painting the dark color half way up the wall with another color on top, using some sort of border in the middle (or no border, my choice). That way I could still use my blue that I love, but it would help with the dark hole issue.

Now, I know I had this idea at some point, the thought had crossed my mind, I swear. But for one reason or another I had disqualified it as an option, or just didn't want to think hard enough to figure out a border option and forgotten all about it. Now that she brought it up again, I'm totally digging it.

The only problem is...what do I do for a border?!? I'm not a huge fan of the no border idea. I'm also not a huge fan of doing a wallpaper border, though I am not counting it out completely. I would love to do a wood chair bumper type border, but I'm just not so sure that will work out so great with all of the furniture I'm going to have in there pushed up against the wall. I could just do a plain 4"-6" stripe of navy blue, but that is a little blah. Red or purple or kelly green wouldn't be as blah, bit it's still not all that exciting

Naturally I've been googling and haven't had much luck finding new ideas, other than decoupage. That could be fun. Maybe. I have a feeling it would turn into a massive project because I'm incredibly particular about stuff like that. I can envision how I might want it to look, but it would probably take me hours and days and weeks to get it looking like that. I kind of like that direction though. I'm picturing black and white photos of different things, possibly pictures that I've taken, but more likely pictures of the eiffel tower, flowers, horses, Chey...different things that I love and inspire me. It could be fun to have in my craft room. I dunno. I'll have to think on that idea a while longer.

The other part of this is what color do I do on top? It would have to be something light to offset the dark bottom. I would rather not do anything too white. I could do the mustard/dijon color that Horse Crazed Mind suggested in the last post, but I think that would end up looking a little manly and like it should be a den, not girly for my craft room. I do love that color though and it will end up some where in my house! Do I go with a lighter, creamy yellow? More like the one in the kitchen (or the stand mixer that inspired the kitchen)? Do I go with a light blue? Teal? Pick some other random color of the rainbow just for shits and giggles? I dunno. I suppose the top color is kind of dependent on my border decision also.

So that is where I'm at with the office right now. I still, basically, have no idea what I want to do in there. Who knows, maybe I'll go home and look in the office and decide this half wall idea just won't work at all or sleep on it and wake up tomorrow morning wondering what the heck kind of crack I was on to even entertain the idea. I do that every once in a while.

Basically, I need to think on it and love your input in the meantime! Maybe I'll get a picture of the room up here one of these days too so those of you that haven't seen my house can see what the heck I'm talking about! :o)


Amers425 said...

DUUUUUUDE!!! I know you said that you aren't a big fan of wallpaper borders or whatever. However, that would be super SWEET if you could get some of your favorite pics together & have your own personalized one done for you. OMG!! I want to do it! It will have to wait until I own my own home though I think. :-)

Mom said...

I'm giggling again!!! So now you wake up & on crack, eh? It will be fun to see what you end up with. What ever it is, make sure it's you down deep. You will love it. Mom