Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apple Blossums

I was all excited when I got home tonight because a big rain cloud had just passed over my house and it was sunny. I knew my apple tree would be in bloom and I wanted to get out and take some pictures of it, but I was super excited that I'd have some rain drops and sun in there too!

And yes, yes I am a total nerd and get excited about taking pictures. Really excited.

Anywho, here's the tree with the barn and hitching post behind it.

These are some of my fave pics from my photo shoot with the tree...

Alrighty, that is all for now.


One Red Horse said...

Looking at your images I could swear I smelled sweet apple blossoms. Lovely, lovely photos.

Paint Girl said...

Love the apple blossums! I also love your barn with the apple blossums!
I saw Chey sneaking into one of the pictures! Leave it to a dog to sneak into a pic!

jrosey said...

Beautiful! Love the pink against the "lush green" ;). That one with Chey in the background is too cute.

P.S. Is that a bungee cord I see holding that tree to the stake? I thought I was the only hickelbilly who staked trees that way! They work great for staking though!

Patches said...

Funny story Paint Girl...that was Chey sneaking OUT of the picture! I was trying to get her in the background and she would not sit still! lol Darn Aussies!

jrosey - I believe it's actually a hose over wire or rope or something, not a bungee. It came with the house like that. Sorry to bust your bubble. ;) My fave thing to stake trees and such up with is baling twine though. I'm a baling twine freak. It's right up there with WD-40 and Duct Tape!

Mom said...

My favorite!!! Apple blossoms. Arn't they cute!!! I love it that you get excited to do your pictures. Passion for life....Love you, Mom