Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Food, Good Friends and Hanging Baskets

I have a couple of good girlfriends that I get together with every so often. Sometimes it's just because Pioneer Woman posted a new recipe that we have to try, but we also get together to do crafty projects and figure out some tasty something or other to make for dinner.

About a month ago I had the brilliant idea of doing hanging baskets when the weather permitted. Well, the weather finally permitted yesterday and we had a blast. I grilled up some of my "Patchesburgers", my top secret recipe for the best burgers ever. Ok, totally kidding. It's super easy (bbq sauce, garlic powder, pepper, Johnnys) and they are tasty, but I'm not sure they are the best ever. I got a little creative this time around and tossed in some blue cheese ( cheese!) and grilled some onions for the top. I also decided to give Pastor Ryan's Monkey Bread a try. Jrosie brought her now famous Stuffed 'Shrooms. Oh. My. Goodness. If you haven't tried them yet, go do it. NOW. Even if you don't like mushrooms. They are heaven in a baking dish. I stuffed myself on them. And then some more with my burgers and one of the super delicious 'Ritas that my bff Sarah brought over. I'll have to share that recipe with you guys some time. Hands down, best margaritas ever.

So after dinner, we rolled our stuffed selves out to the yard to play in the dirt for a bit. I had fun with two rounds at different stores picking out plants and I found some really cute, reasonably priced hanging pots at Home Depot. I ended up having way more of everything then I actually needed, but that's ok. I would always rather have too much stuff and have to return some then not have enough and not be able to finish. This is my mess...

Miss Sarah went to a nearby nursery and had a way better selection of plants and was Speedy Gonzales putting her hanging basket and box together. These are hers (minus the pink flower in the front, that's mine). See the box in the top left? Isn't it the cutest ever?! Both of her baskets turned out really nice!
On a side note: isn't that a cute shirt she has on?!? I love it. It has a bit of a yoke and snaps Henley style down the front. Very cute!

Jrosey was all ambitious and also made quick work of her FOUR baskets! She also was able to hit a nursery on the way over and got some very nice looking plants. She had a great variety and her baskets ended up really great! I can't wait to see them hanging around her house, I'm sure they'll look awesome!

Eventually I stopped taking pictures and got back to work. These are my pots hanging on my porch. I got some not so big and healthy, from the grocery store and Home Depot plants and am hoping they fill out quite a bit. There are a few trailing varieties in there that should grow and hang over the sides eventually, so hopefully it will look much more impressive before too long. I just have to remember to water them.

I only used about half of the plants that I purchased in those baskets so I decided to go find some big pots for the corners of the porch to plant the rest of them in. I have big, very fun plans for the porch, but it's another "Someday" project. It has nice lighting and a ceiling fan but I would like to get some nice patio furniture and an outdoor area rug and some more flowers and make it a great outdoor living space for summer. Someday. For now, I'll settle for a couple hanging baskets and pots in the corners.
I found pots tonight and put them together and I like the way they are looking so far, but I don't have pictures yet. I will get some of my much more homey looking porch when everything gets established and starts filling in and looking a bit better.
So it was a very fun night. The Monkey Bread was heavenly, everything else was super duper tasty. I love my hanging baskets and my perked up porch! It was a fabulous night with great friends! I can't wait to do it again.
What's next girls?!?


jrosey said...

Those baskets will be going gangbusters before you know it! They turned out really great. I love how they look on your porch. This was SUCH a blast! I absoutely love our girl's night tradition. Holy moly...I think I could eat that Monkey Bread for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. AND dessert! ;) Glad you found your "two pots" for the corners of your porch. ;) Can't wait to see them potted up! Already looking forward to the next "date night"! This was a brilliant idea you had missy!

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like so much fun! The hanging baskets look great! Looking at them makes me want to go buy some and get my own going!
All that food you were talking about is making me hungry! Sounds delish! I saw JRosey's 'shroom recipe on her blog and oh my! Have got to try them!
Nothin' better than to have a girls night! Good food, drinks and plants! Love it!

Mom said...

Fun times, dear friends....LOve Mom