Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a great day!

Yesterday totally rocked! It was very exciting for a few different reasons.

1. We had a cutting show. I love cutting shows.

2. Midori totally cowed up at the show so I was able to concentrate more on trying to make her correct instead of getting her to chase the cow. It was AWESOME!!!

3. I won my class.

4. The boyfriend got 3rd in the class! He had a great run also! Sugar was pretty cowy and much more focused this time. Also AWESOME!!!

5. It was sunny and upper 70's.

6. I got a sunburn. I love sunburns! Well, slight sunburns anyways. The bad ones aren't so much fun. But it's already turned to tan this morning so back out to the sun I go today! YEEHAW!!!

I love Saturdays like that!

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Sarah said...

Yahoo! I'm glad you guys had a great day! The weather is perfect!