Saturday, April 4, 2009

Before and After - Office Closet

I just couldn't wait. I was way too excited and motivated to get going on the office closet project so I finished it up last night. I grabbed a coffee after work, hit Target and Michaels, my two very favorite stores for decorating/organizing and headed home to get started.

This was the very naked closet after I stripped it all down. Of course I was excited to start tearing into it and forgot, once again, to take before pictures. You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that it wasn't pretty. It had one shelf, supported by boards nailed into the wall (where you now see the line in there). There was also a clothing rod that was seriously stuck in there with one rod hanger/shelf support in the middle, held up by another board (where the pink square is in the middle)(and yes, this closet apparently used to be Pepto Bismol pink). I had to have the boyfriend help me with some muscle to get it all out.

When all was said and done I counted 42 nails and screws holding 3 small boards and a rod in. 42 nails and screws! And the best part...see the nail that is top right? The one that looks like a screw? It's a nail, a ribbed nail for extra grab. There were a few of them. They weren't planning on that stuff going anywhere at all when they put it all in. Totally ridiculous!

This was the office while I was painting the closet and getting the shelving set up. The circled stuff in the middle is all of the crap that I took OUT of the closet. It was just piled haphazardly on the floor because I just had the one shelf. I'm really not joking, everything in that circle was piled in there.
Also in the picture at the top middle is a desk that we've had in there that will be headed some where else in the house. I'm not sure where yet.
Under that desk are some boxes that are hiding.
Next to the desk is a rather large and sloppy pile of blankets.
In front of the blankets leaning against my pub height craft table are the bookshelves. They are in boxes until I finish painting and can assemble them. They will be against the wall that the small desk is currently holding up.
I have to thank The Wife for recommending Picnik for free photo editing in her Sunday Stills post last week. I've been having fun playing with it!
This is what it looks like underneath my craft table. There are lots of boxes hiding under there. They are mostly waiting for the bookshelves to be assembled, but I did get 2 or 3 of them unpacked into the cool new super-organized closet last night.
This is the closet now. The green on the walls doesn't stand out as much in the picture, but I promise it's green! Actually, the color is called Tropical Dream. The name was the tie breaker. It just seemed fitting. And I was happy to see green was a trendy color when I went to Target to get all of the tubs (which were also on sale, SCORE!) They have nice lime green accents on them, pretty much the color I want to accent the room with. I got this nice black wire shelving unit at Target also a month or so ago. I have the shorter 3 shelf version in the kitchen and love it.
Currently contained in this closet are the large pile of blankets, neatly stacked in the space not taken up by the shelving unit. All of the crap that I pulled out of the closet originally, neatly organized into tubs. The board games that originally resided on the one shelf of the closet. And most of my stamping and scrapbooking stuff which already takes up most of the upper 3 shelves. I was surprised by how much stuff I had once I got it all in one general area and I think there is more floating around in some of the other boxes. Yikes!
I had so much fun organizing all of that last night! I'm a total nerd. I think I'm going to put the closet doors back on, atleast for now, and see how they work out. I may still go with the curtain idea, but for now I think the doors will serve me better while I'm painting.
Oh, and you see the wall to the right of the closet? The one that changes color half way up? The top peach-ish looking color is the current color of the room. Ick. The bottom color is my test strip for the teal I am going with. It's called Teal Ice. I can't wait to get the room painted!


jrosey said...

Fun, fun, fun! Once again, you've totally inspired me! I have a closet in my laundry room that needs an organizer 'cause we forgot to put one in when we built. I'm thinking this closet will eventually house my scrapbooking/craft stuff, so I'm glad to see just how much you can fit into a smallish space with the right organization. I love the color choices! You're gonna LOVE your room! You sure got a lot accomplished in one night! P.S. Those people and their random screw/nail placements...I tell ya...

Mom said...

Lookin good baby!!!! I'mz lovin the colors!!!! I bet you are so happy deep inside, gettin organized. Love ya, Mom