Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Lives!!!

Yay! I didn't kill the cherry tree that I got for Christmas!
I was a little worried there for a while. We ended up taking our sweet time getting it in the ground. I swear, like, two months just disappeared.

I noticed some little green leaves starting to sprout the other day though and was so happy and relieved!

Now I can't wait to get some cherries from it!


jrosey said...

Ooh! I'll trade you cherries for blueberries! :) I have a sneaking suspicion that the cherry tree that I planted is just an ornamental, despite what the lady at the nursery told me. Aargh. Oh, well...at least it's pretty! P.S. You might want to get another if you have somewhere to stick it so they can cross pollinate (depending what kind of cherry it is).

Mom said...

I'm finding life in things that looked gone myself. Celebration time!!! Love Mom