Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is that?!?

Is that....the sun? Nooo...couldn't be! But it is!

The sun actually showed it's face this morning. Unfortunatley I was driving right into it on my way to work, but it was so pretty I couldn't not look at it. And no, I totally didn't snap a picture with my camera phone while I was driving down the freeway staring at the sunshine. And no, that is not the yellow line that I am totally crossing over while taking the picture either. I'm a totally safe driver and always obey the laws.

It's a pretty crappy picture, but I took my little camera out of my purse to load pictures and forgot to put it back in so my phone was the only camera I had with me and doesn't even begin to do the beautiful sky justice. It's all I had and just couldn't not snap a picture. Even though I was driving. 60 mph. Possibly (probably) more. Shhhh...

And please ignore the gross, dirty windshield.

And try to picture it way more impressive too. The pic is rather disappointing. The clouds were practically sparkling and they shaded the sun just right so I could see it. I think. I really had to look at it because it looked like a full moon hanging there. I'm pretty sure it was the sun though. I had to do a fact check...if the moon was there, then the sun would be more or less behind it and it would look more like a shadow, like it does when there is an eclipse. Right? Right?!? I really have no clue. I'm not an astronomer. I don't even play one on tv.

Regardless, it was a beautiful morning. I'm looking forward to some sun for a day or two. Hoping the weather guys aren't full of poop.

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Paint Girl said...

It was a beautiful day today, but I was stuck in a courtroom! (Jury duty calls!)
Great picture, looks pretty even if taken by cell phone! Don't worry I won't tell anyone you were crossing the center line, speeding, not paying attention.......LOL! Sounds like me!