Thursday, April 2, 2009

This and That

Well, I think I'm over my little tantrum from the other day. I still love drill and my team, but at this point, I think it's best for me to continue on as an associate member for the year, filling in spots where I need to and competing at just one big competition this year. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it all goes and then decide what I want to do for next year.

On to the next subject: my next painting project, the office. I mentioned it here and here. I think I finally decided on a color/theme for it and it's not much like any of my ideas in those posts. Go figure.

Nothing was inspiring me for the office. It has a computer desk in it, but the main focus is my craft table. I wanted it to be a place where I can spread out to do my scrapbooking, stamping and crafty-stuff. I wanted it to inspire me, be a cheery place to go in the winter when it's dreary outside and a place that was a like a haven and really reflected me. Not that the rest of the house isn't a reflection of me, but I really wanted this room to be mine. I was searching every where I went for one little piece of anything that might inspire me to decorate the room around, but nothing was catching my eye.

I planned to get curtains for the four windows in the room and browsed some sites hoping to find some that would inspire me, to no avail. When I mentioned that to my friend she offered up some of her extensive collection of white sheer curtains that she amassed for her wedding last summer. So now I had sheer white curtains, black bookshelves, a dark wood table and a mostly black computer desk (which was free and I'm not fond of so I'm hardly considering it in my decorating fantasies). The curtains made me think light and breezy and made me lean towards teal for the walls. For some reason Bahama Breeze kept popping into my head. I know it's a pretty darn good restaurant, but I decided to try it on for size in the decorating department.

I'm not sure what other people picture when they hear bahama breeze, but I'm going with a nice bright teal color for the walls and then I'm going to accent with dark wood and a nice green. I would also like to find some sort of palm tree or palm frond accents. I want it all light and breezy, sort of tropical feeling. I'm going to paint the closet lime green (my first project) and get that organized and then start on the room. I'm hoping I can fit most of the boxes that are hiding throughout the room in the closet after it is painted so the rest of my house doesn't have to suffer too much while I'm painting the office.

I'm hoping I can paint the insides of the black book shelves green and maybe line the shelves with some sort of bamboo look liner paper or something along those lines. I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head right now, but they will just have to wait for a while because painting has to come first.

At this moment I'm off to my very favorite store, Home Depot, to get some paint for the closet. Hope to have a Before and After post by the end of the weekend!

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Mom said...

Lookin forward to the before & after pic!!! Sounds fun... Love Mom