Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One more for tonight...

I promise this is the last one tonight. Maybe. I had fun taking pictures today and just feel like they each deserve their own post.

Next up...Cheyanne of course!

I noticed this nice little grassy area with flowers (we're pretending dandelions are cool to have, ok?) and thought it was a nice scenic little place to have a photo shoot. I just needed a subject. Cheyanne volunteered, but then regretted it. :-) She's not so fond of actually sitting still for any length of time.

Let's see what we ended up with...

Here we have a pensive pose

Like, grooooovy man.

Uh, Chey, you've got a little grass still hanging off your mouth.

Oh man, how embarrassing!

Did I get it all?

Look at me now! Aren't I gorgeous?!

How 'bout now?!

Oooh, a bug!

Mmm, grass....num, num, num, num.

Oooh, another bug!

Are we done yet? There's a bird over there that needs chasing!

Mom! Seriously! That bird just flew right behind you!!! It really must be chased!

See ya! *

*No birds were harmed in the making of this blog. Atleast not while I was out there.

And ok, so I realize I'm posting this at the risk of being classified as a crazy dog lady. It's ok. Think what you want. I'm a total nerd, I'll admit that much.


Paint Girl said...

Ok crazy dog lady! Your Chey is sooo loving the camera! I just love her expressions!
I know how hard it is to try to get any good pictures of crazy Aussies! They DO NOT hold still! Their minds go a million miles a minute! You are getting some excellant photos of Chey!

jrosey said...

Way impressed with her ability to hold still for that length of time! From one crazy dog lady to another, love the pics!

Amers425 said...

My favorites are the OOOHHH A BUG!! Photos. I love your dog. She's so A.D.D. :-)

Sarah said...

I love it! Totally made me laugh. :-)

odessa said...

If it makes you feel any better, your sister is a crazy cat (and nearly everything else) lady.

Mom said...

Oh....I loved these pics of our girl!!!! She did a great job. Loved the bug snap shot...tee hee.
We love our critters, eh? Love you, Mom