Monday, April 20, 2009

This Rocks!

Besides the scary, ghostly pale white feet and the 30 second pedicure, this picture totally rocks!

Drum roll please.......I wore flip flops today! Yeehaw!!!

I love the first flip flop day of the year! And the fact that I work in a fairly casual office that I can wear nice flip flops to!

This one was particularly fun because I had these sparkly fun silver flip flops that I got on my Saturday adventure with the girls this past weekend.

And yes, of course, they were on sale.

It was a sunny, gorgeous day today, mid-70's, and I was loving every minute of it! Because of that the B&A's of the office are on hold. It's been way too nice outside to be stuck inside!

I also have another very fun purchase that I made during our adventure, but that reveal will have to come after I get the office put back together. I'm super excited about it though!


jrosey said...

Cute toes! And flip flops! I wore my doc sandles again today...don't tell E-Boogie! ;)

Paint Girl said...

I can't wait to put my flip-flops back on! I could have today but I had to go back to work! The sun was out, I think it hit 70!

Pony Girl said...

I COULD have worn them today! Except I can't wear I work, bummer! :) I think your pedicure looks great! Reminds me that I am in DIRE need of one, before I dust off my flip flops, hee hee!